On duty I got into a car accident, a pretty severe car accident I had some injuries to my back, neck and a little brain injury as well. I heard about Crovetti Orthopaedics through multiple people, friends of mine, colleagues, coworkers and other athletes that I’ve worked around and so it was a no brainer for me to come to this place. I learned that Dr. Kucera was going to be my doctor. I thought Dr. Kucera was a ball of fire. He had a similar personality to mine, straight to the point, serious, but playful at the same time. He didn’t make it seem like you were seeing a doctor! We bonded. Even on a friendship level. I really enjoyed seeing him. I enjoy working with him. I would recommend Dr. Kucera to anybody. He’s going to make you feel like you’re special and this is not like a doctor factory type of thing where you’re in and out. He listens to your problems and he’s with you one hundred percent the whole time.

On our first meeting he was very, very personable. He evaluated me thoroughly and also found that there was a tear in my labrum – something I wasn’t really feeling at the time, but he really evaluated the MRI and figured out what the problem was with me. After determining that there was a tear I had to some follow-ups. Dr. Pinegar took a look at it as well and Dr. Pinegar decided that I was not going to be a candidate for surgery, that they thought with a good follow up with them and some physical therapy that my shoulder would be a lot better. After going through the physical therapy, I’m almost done now, I’m almost at 100% and it’s a testament to their professionalism as doctors.