Matthew - Hip Replacement

I can live my life to the fullest again and it encompasses all that you could imagine that life holds for each and every one of us, and I’m very appreciative for the effort that Dr. Crovetti and his team put forth and couldn’t imagine not recommending the great surgical team that he has here as well as the facility and just the outcome since I’ve had my surgeries. I’ve recommended Dr. Crovetti to several folks that I know because everybody’ curious as soon as you get back to work and kind of rejoin society after your recovery. Everyone is curious to find out how it went and the level of pain and what you’re experiencing. And my condition was pretty severe so it was easy for me to not have that pain immediately after surgery, which lend itself to a speedy recovery and just enjoying life.

The ‘I Can’ goes across the board from being able to walk upstairs, and sit in a car for long drivees, and to be able to walk in the sand at the beach, to be able to walk around flea markets or tag sales or play sports regardless of whether it’s ice skating or just playing basketball or something as simple as kicking a soccer ball around with the grandchildren. So it’s just been an amazing experience like I’m thankful. I tell everybody if they have a family member or if there’s a member of their church or in their immediate community and they mention it’s the 21st century don’t delay. Don’t delay getting surgery and come see Dr. Crovetti because, as I mentioned, it was an awesome experience and I waited too long.

I waited probably seven years from the time I started experiencing pain, and my actual chiropractor took x-rays and let me know that I had minimal cartilage left and that I was already partially bone on bone. And obviously you have to have everything in life right. You know if you have children financially you may need to save time up work to take off. There’s a whole bunch of factors that play into it, but don’t delay. The surgery is simple at least for what I had done; I had both my hips replaced a month apart. I recommend it to anybody even in that sequence. Let’s say I’m middle-aged. We’ll go with middle-aged, but the recovery was fantastic and it was basically doing my exercises at home. And just not having the pain and having the motion being able to go out and walk and do yard work and all those things. The body rebounds quickly. You have a lot of muscle memory and it doesn’t take long at all, so don’t delay and if you know somebody that’s experiencing pain have them go to their orthopedic and get an evaluation. Have them put you on the right course and if that course requires surgery don’t have any trepidation about it.

It’s a beautiful facility here. The experience that I had was wonderful. Obviously all the folks that work here the whole team that’s been assembled by Dr. Crovetti, his practice, all the supporting people, all our nurses, recovery nurses, I can’t speak highly enough about them. And just a fabulous, fabulous outcome personally and I’ve known several people that had come to Dr. Crovetti. One being my neighbor that had both of his hips replaced ten years prior to my surgery and saw his recovery so don’t, like I said, don’t have any angst about it. Everybody approaches things differently and it is a major surgery, but I didn’t even think twice about having the second one. Lots of folks will have the first one done and then they’ll start to think about the surgery and wonder if they really want to go through with the second one, and I couldn’t wait to get in here sooner than later.