Michael S - Chiropractic Care

So I was raised in a family where my father’s brothers were chiropractors. And over the years, you know, he was our family doctor. Once a week, my mom would take us, and after school, we get adjust. So it was more of like visiting Uncle Al. And years later, when Ronald Reagan was the governor of California, my Uncle Al was appointed the head of the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners, after which some time passed. And then he became the dean of a new chiropractic college that came up in Pasadena. Sadly, it’s not there anymore. He passed away in about 1988 or 89. But I had that background and he would explain things to me, including the technical details of how you treat the cause, not the symptom. Things of that nature and why things work the way they do.

And so I grew up with that. It’s like a second nature to me is breathing air. And I’ve always been somewhat physically active in my twenties. I got involved with self-defense. I’m fairly active when I work out just for endurance and, you know, strength retention. I like to call it just been useful. Are I my warm up is I run 2 to 3 miles on a treadmill and then I work out with weights and it’s not so much I’m not trying to bulk up but maintain stamina muscularity as well as just stamina and energy.

So my wife was referred to Dr. Robey through the Crovetti office, and I went with her. I’ve always gone with her to any appointment she’s had, and I listened to him talk and how he explains sayings and I would ask questions to make sure my understanding is correct. And we felt we had a common language and I saw her improve. And as a husband, that was my main goal. But as long as I was there, I started putting myself into the mix just so I could get the adjustments. And for me it’s always been because I was raised with it. For me, it’s always been more of a, if you will, a maintenance kind of environment. There are times, of course, move the wrong way at work.

It doesn’t take much weight like trying to lift a 10 lb. melon the wrong way and oh geez, I need this. Right. And so you can stretch all you want, but every once in a while it it just helps to get that extra technique of a professional and somebody that knows what they’re doing. One thing about Dr. Robey, for me are there’s a number of them.

One is personal integrity as a doctor, because he treats the cause, not the symptom. He also encourages us not pushing yourself, but seeing how much you can do without causing yourself harm or injury or pain. And he takes the time to explain things to either to me or to my wife so that we understand what he’s doing. And I’ve never worked with a chiropractor before that had as wide a range of techniques and tools as far as knowledge and everything at his disposal to implement those techniques to help remove or reduce the pain or the lack of range of motion.

And I’ve learned a lot just by talking to him, and it seems like we have at least a common ground in the self-defense thing. So that was always good frame to work with, too. But he’s always been patient. He’s always been kind. He is willing to share his information and make us feel welcome every time. And there’s one thing I like about him, too, is there’s no such thing as a dumb question with him. It’s like he doesn’t get irritated with anything like that.

And the staff that works for him are I think he coaches them because they’ve always been very kind, courteous and helpful. And at times they try to make me feel like I’m entertaining, you know, laughing at my dumb jokes, you know, like all husbands have. But it’s it you feel welcomed. You feel almost at home with the staff, with him. And I like the way he’s got it set up, too, because I a few years ago had an experience about two, two and a half years ago, before we knew of Dr. Robey. There was one gentleman that actually conducted his practice more like a cattle call, and it’s like one behind the other.

And everybody could see and hear everything everybody was doing. So there was no, if you will, privacy involved, which if you’re comfortable with that, fine. I’m not saying he’s not a good chiropractor. I’m just saying that with Dr. Robey, the privacy is respected and it’s it’s a genuine almost a one-on-one for both of us, even though we’re together with him.