Michael - Knee Replacement

I had a knee injury back in high school. It lasted about 25 years thinking it was just arthritis. I worked in construction my whole life and one day it was to the point where I was walking up and down stairs on all fours- on my hands and my knees. And I like to cycle and I love riding 100-mile bike rides. I was training about a year and a half ago for a ride and I couldn’t do it, I just couldn’t do it anymore! So I came in and I heard about Dr. Crovetti.

I came in to see him, we took one x-ray right then and there the first day that I met him. The second time I saw him I was having the knee replaced and it’s been an amazing experience! From the time we walked into this office and I met the staff at the front, to all the x-ray people, down to the surgery center at Coronado. I mean it was like a five star experience! From the Suites, to registering, to the complete, you know, experience, it was amazing.