Michelle H - Hip Replacement

About 20 years ago I first met Dr. Crovetti due to my husband. He had a rotator cup surgery and Dr. Crovetti did one of his rotator cups. And then, after that, I’d say about 10 years ago, Dr. Crovetti did my meniscus on both knees. And he had said, “well you know there’s some arthritis in there and you know, just be careful there.” And low and behold, about two years ago I started having some problems with my hip and came in to see Dr. Crovetti since he had originally done my knees on meniscus. Xrays showed that it was bone on bone. So at that time I had my first surgery with Dr. Crovetti and that was in 2018., Spring of 2018. And then along the way we knew that along the way the knees were going and so Thanksgiving of 2018 I had my right knee done. And so as one side goes, there goes the other.

Unfortunately, I got the short straw for arthritis. Then along the way I dislocated my hip and Dr. Crovetti took care of that and then again we went with the left knee last summer in July and last November I had my left hip. Dr. Crovetti is a wonderful surgeon. From the moment you walk in to his office, from the front office, to the moment you leave. His staff is absolutely wonderful. I would have never received the care and just the wonderful care and love from his staff anywhere else. I have gone through a lot of surgeries with his team, I have my favorite room here, but at the same time I would have never received such wonderful care if not for Dr. Crovetti and his staff. It’s the best place to be.

Therapy afterwards, yes, it’s tough, but at the same time you have to be tough in order to get better to get through with it. They’re very supportive, they’re very well knowledged and they’re very helpful to you. I could not recommend anybody else to go to than Dr. Crovetti.