Michelle - Knee Replacement

Before I saw Dr. Crovetti, life was nonexistent. I’d go to exercise class, come home and have to ice for a couple of hours. I’d get up to walk like and feel like an old person. I’m only 47 years old and feeling like I was 100. My boys (especially my youngest) asked if I’d ever be able to coach them again. I’d have to say I can’t do that! I coach soccer and basketball and the boys needed to know the drills. I had to have them show their teammates how to do them because I couldn’t.

Since getting both of my knees replaced, I have felt like I’m part of a family with Dr. Crovetti and his staff. From his office staff, the surgical suites and the recovery center, it has been a great experience. Anybody that has to go to the hospital, I feel sorry for because the experience is not going to be the same.

The experience of coming to Dr. Crovetti, is to do everything in one spot with him and his staff and you feel great! You feel part of the family and that you will always be a part of his family. You’re not a number and you’re just not a name.

I’m so happy I can walk again and be there for my kids and keep up with them. Thank you Dr. Crovetti!