Mike - Shoulder Surgery

My accident actually happened November of twenty-twenty. It was the first snowfall; we had a jeep, we went four-wheeling on Wheeler’s Pass. A friend of ours went into the ditch, and we were winching her out. I was heading back to our jeep, and I slipped and fell on my back; that was it. It knocked the wind out of me. It was a little sore but went on for about a month. My shoulder started getting a little bit better, and then two months later in January now, we are out in the desert, and I fell again. This time when I fell, I went to roll to avoid hitting my shoulder, and I landed on a rock. After a couple of months of going to (physical) therapists, they would do some adjustments, and they would be good for a couple of days, and then all of a sudden, it got to where I couldn’t even throw a tissue. I work for a logistics company. I build custom creates; I’m lifting full sheets, eight-foot by four feet sheets of three quartered inch plywood by myself. I ride motorcycles; I couldn’t hold my motorcycle up, nothing. I realized I needed to get it checked and had no clue who to look for here in Vegas, so I looked on Facebook. I belong to a bunch of Jeep clubs, and I said, ‘Does anybody recommend a good orthopaedic surgeon?’ I took the top two that everybody nominated.

Crovetti Orthopaedics was under my insurance, and I also liked the fact that they had their own surgery center, their own recovery suites, and I thought, ‘Man, I can do everything right there.’ I came down and met with Dr. Pinegar got an x-ray, and found out that I fractured the bone. So I did an MRI, and turns out I had a full tear for the rotator cuff and tore my bicep tendon. He said it was probably one of the worst ones he’s seen. It was amazing, I’ve had knee surgery, and I’ve had a screw in my hand, had surgery on my hand, had to have some nerves replaced.

This thing couldn’t have went any better. I was in and out. His staff was amazing. They handled all of the insurance for me. I got home from surgery. Two days later, I get a call from a medical supply place; they had ordered an orthopedic chair to my house to move my arm. What they said was probably going to be six months to a year before I was back to full strength. Thanks to Dr. Pinegar and whatever he did to my shoulder, three months later, I was back to full strength. I haven’t had an issue since. I’m back to riding. I’m back to working, no soreness no, nothing like it never even happened. He’s amazing, really amazing.