Phillip - Ankle Fracture

Well, I broke my ankle like January 26th. So, first I thought I sprained it, so I thought I could get through it. Turned out it was broken, like, in three places. And so my sister, who had previously had a hip replacement with Doctor Crovetti, she called and got me an appointment and I got to go see Doctor Walters and, got in, got an X-ray and everything. It took two weeks to get all everything all processed and everything. But anyway, then we scheduled it, to have it all done.

And it was done, of course, in the office there. I was in there maybe an hour and a half, two hours that the whole time. And it went very well. So the arm part deal, I couldn’t put any weight on it. But that was part of the disease. Had to go through all that. That lasted for about seven weeks and then got the boot. I could start walking again like I started walking. I couldn’t take care of myself. I don’t like anybody to wait on me like that and, then when I went to therapy, yeah, I found my back sore. That doctor check the X-ray, everything was healed and everything. It was all good and asked me any problems? No problems. And I’ve been.

That’s been several months since. So last time I saw her. And I’m very happy with everything that happened as her and her assistant Naomi was phenomenal. And helped me get everything taken care of. And then the doctor was just so good to know. Just checking everything out and use her hands checked, you know, felt everything. For that experience. It was a wonderful experience.