Phillip - Knee

I had a motorcycle wreck, back around 20 years ago and messed up my knee, but I never dealt with it, but then the osteoarthritis took over. I had many problems with that knee I couldn’t just, cry to myself every night. I couldn’t bend it over about 12 degrees or so just drag it around it really disrupted my entire daily life. I cried myself to sleep every night I took so many pain medications trying to get by that that I ate a hole in my stomach twice.

There was a lady that I bowl with on a regular basis that had the same operation with Dr. Crovetti and I watched her progress after and come back to full-fledged ready to bowl and it was great. I mean it just inspired me. You know I said ‘I’m not putting up with this anymore’ so I checked in and got my knee operation, everything was just beautiful!

I mean you come in, you’re preregistered you get taken back – the next day and you’re back to life. Almost immediately you’re able to things I would never of in the last 20 years been able to do. And the pain, I don’t take hydrocodone anymore. I take I aspirin here or there but nothing for the pain of the knee its all the other stuff in my body and so yeah its been a real godsend to me, I love it!