Robert S

Well, many years ago I was playing softball for the fire company I was a first responder for and I tore my knee out and had to have an ACL correction. When that happened, over the years my knee slowly broke down and eventually I was bone on bone. I was having more and more pain and I couldn’t walk anymore. I was using a cane.

I have a very active lifestyle – I love to be out hiking, climbing and riding my ATV all the time! I play a lot of golf and so it was taking my life away from me. I knew Michael, I’m an RN and we’ve worked together. I contacted him and I said “I think I need a knee replacement, I’m having so much pain!”. The pain was excruciating, it was really a 10/10 and I wasn’t sleeping well. I said “please, please help me fix this knee of mine” and so I came into this wonderful clinic and he did a job! Man, I was up and walking 2 hours after we had the surgery. 

His staff has been wonderful. I can’t say enough. As an RN, I know the hospital staff, I know how things go and they were right there everytime I needed them. I had very little pain after the surgery and a little pain going on healing for a few weeks, but then after that total independence! Total independence – I’m out riding again, I’m playing great golf again, swimming, fishing, hiking. I couldn’t be any happier and the knee is wonderful – better than it was before, a lot better.