Robin - Knee Replacement

Before my surgery, I was very limited in what I was able to do. I would often have to be dropped off in front of a store and walking through a parking lot would leave me exhausted – my knees were in such bad shape. I finally reached the point where something needed to be done.

I came to Dr. Crovetti and he confirmed I needed a couple of knees. We went ahead and did the first knee and it was so much better that two months later, I went ahead and had the second one done as well.

The experience was fabulous! Everything he promised would happen, did happen. The surgical suites was amazing place to stay during my recovery. Everything was laid out and done for us. All you had to do was wait for everything to happen.

My biggest moment after the surgery was realizing that when I was out, I could park anywhere in a parking lot and not have to worry about getting close and being exhausted when I went in. Being able to just be mobile and just walk…live my life…that’s my new experience!