Sarah - Knee Replacement

I guess like so many others that have come before me I came to Dr. Crovetti because I had changed my lifestyle. I had drastically changed my lifestyle. I would constantly make excuses for why I couldn’t do things because I was in so much pain or I just wanted to avoid the pain, avoid the swelling and be comfortable. And I didn’t like where my life was going, I was tired of being sedentary and making excuses. So I came to see Dr. Crovetti and got a game plan and he was really thorough in the way he explained everything to me and he showed me my x-ray, my knee x-rays, and suddenly I realized why I had been making so many excuses. Because I looked at the amount of damage in my knees and the arthritis and the bone spurs and I understood.

I understood the process, but I started with my right knee and I went to the Surgical Suites to schedule it. The Surgical Suites are fantastic, staff was awesome, they were so attentive – it was a great experience. What I was so afraid of turned out to be a magnificent experience and I got up, I was walking right away and I found myself really working hard in physical therapy and about three months out I was doing ball squats and things in the gym that I hadn’t done in years. I decided at about three months out it was time to do the left knee. I scheduled the appointment right away and got in and got the left knee taken care of once again. The staff, Dr. Crovetti, everyone was so fabulous.

Now I’m in the recovery phase of my left leg, but I am so encouraged every day. Every day I wake up and I’m happy and I know I’m growing stronger. I’m doing more and more things in life. I’m swimming in a pool, which is really my love. I’m going a mile three times a week without pause. I’m back in the weigh room regularly; doing all kinds of weights and growing strong. I’m chasing my three year old grandson, although he’s still faster than me. And now I can say that I make excuses to do things rather than before making excuses as to why I couldn’t.

So, yeah, I can’t say Dr. Crovetti has added years to my life, but I can say that without a doubt he’s added life to my years so I can live again. And I’ve always known him. I shouldn’t say I’ve always known him, but I’ve known him for twenty years as a wonderful man and now I know him as a healer and I’m just really thankful, sorry, don’t mean to mess up, but I’m a new woman and I got my life back so when you see people saying that they can again it’s wonderful it really is I’m so happy to be back in the game and back in life and loving the prospects for my future. So thank you Dr. Crovetti – you’re God sent.