Sometimes, Lending a Helping Hand is Just Plain Fun

It’s not ALL about work, you know. Taking steps to get involved with local charities in your community, that is. That’s not to say that volunteers aren’t needed (and very much appreciated) when they contribute their efforts to lighten the workload for their charity of choice. But as Mike and Karen Crovetti tell it, there are plenty of times even that ‘work’ can be a lot of fun.

As a couple (and a family) that is active in supporting several Las Vegas charitable organizations, Dr. Michael Crovetti and his wife, Karen, are the perfect example of how putting your heart into giving can change your perspective.

“Sometimes, I think people get the wrong impression – that giving of your time and efforts to organizations that need help is a more of a ‘chore’ than it really is ” explains Karen Crovetti. “Maybe for some people. But when Mike and I participate in local events and fundraising efforts for the causes we feel strongly about, we always enjoy it. In fact, it’s impossible for us NOT to! The way we see it, we’re all working towards the same goal – and we’re happy to be able to take part – so why not add smiles and some fun to the evening?”

Anyone who’s ever run across the Crovettis in the variety of philanthropic endeavors they pursue throughout the Las Vegas valley would have to agree. Especially as somehow, each event they’ve attended ends up giving them either a funny or heartwarming story that is their personal take-away. Whether that means a last-minute emergency grooming for a sneaky puppy that was to be the star of the auction one evening, or hosting events at their home – such as the Wine & Wig party, held in conjunction with the Boys & Girls Club upcoming gala. (As the photos suggest, more than a few laughs are enjoyed at these evenings!).

“What Karen and I have discovered as time goes by is that these stories represent how important it really is for us to be involved,” adds Mike Crovetti. “The kids who benefit and the people who do the big work of keeping these organizations alive so that so many can be helped – they’re the stars. We simply see our part as helping to bring attention to a great cause. And, if it just so happens that ‘happy people’ are more inclined to be generous with their time or money, who are we to complain?” Crovetti reports with a grin. “People helping other people and events like this – it has a tendency to lift everyone’s spirits even more.”

The truth is that giving not only directly benefits others in need; studies show that it also boosts the physical and mental health of the giver, too. Which may explain one reason for the high spirits of the Crovetti family when they’re involved in an event for The Boys & Girls Club, or ThreeSquare, or any of the many other organizations they support.

“Does it matter knowing that whatever we give of ourselves is going to make a difference in the lives of other people? Of course it does,” reveals Mike Crovetti. He adds that “It’s also a great feeling to be working with others who also want to be of service and give back to a community they love. But really, the bottom line is this: We love knowing that our efforts will help a kid with their education, or make sure a family in need has food every day, or put a pair of good shoes on a child’s feet. It sounds almost selfish to say it, but it’s really very simple: ‘Giving’ makes us happy – and we want to share that joy. Happiness – and generosity – does have a tendency to multiply, after all.”

Well said, Mike and Karen. Well said, indeed.