Susan - Hip Replacement

I’m Sue, I’m a retired RN (registered nurse), and when I turned sixty-five, I started having hip pain. It was kind of fortuitous because I had good insurance, you know, with medicare, but my hip got worse really quickly. I went from in September being pretty much normal to then in December not being able to walk; that was shocking and really scary. So, I talked to one of my friends that I used to work with in ICU, who happens to be the director of nursing at one of the local hospitals for the operating room. She said, ‘Oh, you want to go to Dr. Pinegar he’s wonderful.’

She got me an appointment, which was really nice, and I got in within a week or so. I told him that another doctor just recently told me I couldn’t have the surgery for six months and that I was really afraid that all my muscle mass would start going and all that stuff. He said, ‘Well, if you’re in a lot of pain, we need to do you right away.’ He put me on the schedule, and I was done within a week or so.

After surgery, I was really shocked to find out that the way he does his total hips does not require any precaution as far as moving your hip and stuff. There was no hip precautions, and I expected that that would be kind of a big pain, but it wasn’t at all because he didn’t have any. Gosh, within a week, I was at home with home physical therapy, and within a month after surgery, I was walking at out patient physical therapy, not even with a cane. It was just so wonderful to be able to walk again, and I was just so grateful that Dr. Pinegar was A) really nice and very easy to talk to, and B) he did such a wonderful job, and I recovered. So now I can do whatever I want! Traveling, I’m not an athlete by any means, but I go for walks, and you know that’s really easy for me now, and I can get down on the ground and play with my four-year-old grandson. Those were the goals that I really had, and I’m able to do those and a lot more as well.