Team Member Spotlight

Jessica Dowell, Assistant to Dr. Pinegar

Compassionate Patient Care is Second Nature for Jessica Dowell

If you’re a patient with a painful medical condition, there’s a lot to deal with. There’s the pain itself along with your daily life and responsibilities – plus finding the right doctor to solve the problem, then insurance, medications, surgery, therapy, and the list goes on. With all that on your mind, it helps to know there’s one spot of calm, friendly assurance and efficiency in the whole mix. And truth be told, that’s Jessica Dowell’s favorite part of her job – being that person, and the connections she makes with all of Dr. Caleb Pinegar’s patients at Crovetti Orthopaedics.

Jessica has spent just over 20 years as a doctor’s assistant – 12 years in California, and 9 years here in Las Vegas with Crovetti Ortho. And during that time, she’s been that calm oasis for patients through their health challenges. One thing that’s never wavered, though, is that she’s one of those rare individuals who never lost her passion for her work and for each patient she assists.

“I know I’m very fortunate to be doing the work I love,” remarks Jessica. “And working with patients has always been my favorite part of my job. Not only because I know how to help them maneuver the diagnosis, insurance, surgery, and recovery process – which takes a huge burden off their mind. But because I love to get to know each patient as an individual. I really care about what’s going on with them. It’s really the most exciting aspect to me – sharing and connecting with them. And of course, seeing them through to a successful outcome on their surgery is the icing on the cake.”

One of the ways Jessica explains this connection is that before each of her parents passed away, she was their caregiver and was there for them to lean on to the end. So when a patient arrives and is dealing with health difficulties, she thinks to herself, “If this was my mom or dad or another relative, I would want them to have the best care possible from their medical professionals.” To her, that includes more than just helping them with the physical issues they’re experiencing; but also smoothing the path towards that resolution, and treating them with care and compassion every step along the way.

Jessica Dowell joined the team at Crovetti Ortho just after moving to Las Vegas, and once she arrived, she never left. “Back then, it was already a very good place to be, I could tell. However, the practice was still finding its feet, so to speak, so I was a little tentative, watching to see how it would develop. But during those years, Dr. Crovetti created a strong foundation, along with an environment of trust, high achievement, and people who really care about their patients. It’s all come together with an incredible team – from the doctors to the back office and the surgical center. I really don’t know of any practice that does it better.”

Shortly after being hired, Jessica was assigned as Dr. Frederick Balduini’s assistant and held that position for six years until his recent retirement. Then Dr. Caleb Pinegar arrived, filled with enthusiasm and the abilities to widen the scope of Crovetti Ortho’s services. It’s been an exciting opportunity for her to become his assistant and work closely with him in his practice.

“I’ve learned a lot of new things with Dr. Pinegar, since he’s expanded the practice and does a lot of new procedures I hadn’t dealt with before. He’s high energy and has a real passion for his work, but he’s also a very down-to-earth, approachable guy. He’s won over the majority of Dr. Balduini’s patients with his expertise and personality (just ask her about his last Halloween costume as The Joker!), and he has great plans for the future. One thing’s for sure, though – he keeps me jumping!”

When it comes to Jessica’s ‘down time,’ “It’s all about relaxing and spending time with my family,” she explains. That’s a luxury she definitely deserves. After living in California and raising her twin daughters on her own, while at the same time working, going to school, and caring for her parents, “For a long time, as you can imagine, I didn’t have any time to call my own. Now I have an opportunity to just enjoy life with my family – and I absolutely love it.”