Teri - Humerus Fracture

So I was at home one night, and I went to walk into the kitchen to get a drink. And going down the hallway, I tripped over our dog. I have a big German Shepherd. He was lying there. He usually he’ll just lay there, let me step over him. But this time, for some reason, he decided he was going to get up and down I went and I broke my humerus, went to the emergency room, got referred to a different orthopedic doctor here in town and went to him until like the beginning of December. And I just wasn’t healing, wasn’t healing, wasn’t healing. So I told him I wanted to be referred to somebody that was more specialized.

So he referred referred me to, Doctor Michelin and who from the minute I met him, he was just great and like, talking you through. And yes, I can see why this isn’t healing and I can fix you. And so it was great. So within two weeks, I was in surgery, he thought it would be a quick two hour outpatient surgery, but it turned out to be much more extensive. And it was a six hour surgery and two days in the hospital. But now it’s healing. I’m doing great. I’m getting back to life. I can do anything I want again, which I was pretty much doing nothing. I was kind of getting depressed and feeling just down about life. So much better, feeling great now.