Tommy - Distal Biceps Repair

I had a distal tear of my right bicep tendon, the tendon pulled off the bone and it needed to be surgically reattached. And so when I got back into town from Colorado I saw another doctor. The doctor said first, I need to get an MRI done. Typically MRIs don’t tell you how severe the tear is so they end up doing the surgery anyways and by the time they cut you open they’re going to fix it whether it needs to be fixed or not. So when I met with Pinegar he really explained to me that it needs to be done I was really impressed with him. A really impersonable guy – had spent all the time in the world going over the surgery with me. Explained everything really well, felt really comfortable, just a super nice guy was my first impression of Pinegar.

Prior to having the surgery I basically went from working out five times a week with a trainer playing hockey twice a week, golf once a week and roller hockey once a week to absolutely doing nothing. Sitting, I’ve been on the couch for over four years doing nothing. And then you know the surgery went really smooth he came in after the surgery, immediately after surgery, to let me know “hey, everything went great!” and the heal time was short, you know, surgery was about six months ago and I’m already playing hockey again.