Tracer - Knee Replacement

From years back, I had tore up my knees quite a few times. Back in the olden days you didn’t have a year off to get things repaired and as I got older the quality of life with my knees was tough.

I had heard about Dr. Crovetti and how he was taking care of people’s knees in a healthy manner so that you could get back to the things you like to do. Dr. Crovetti went ahead and replaced my right knee, this was right when the Surgical Center being put together, so I missed the cut to have the procedure there and had it done in a regular hospital.

The only complaint I really had with having the procedure done at the hospital was checking-out was a little bit more complicated. It seemed like it was just a bigger operation than it needed to be.

Fast forward and I’m blessed with needing my other knee replaced, so that I can continue to do my aggressive bike riding that I enjoy doing. This time I was able to have it done at the Surgical Center. I had the same doctor – twice. But was able to compare apples and oranges with the two procedures.

Having the knee replacement here was a night and day difference. Dr. Crovetti’s team knew what was coming, what and when it was going to hurt and how to take care of you. They’re pros and know how to talk you through it and put you at ease. It’s a one-stop shop and I was in-and-out in about 2 ½ days healthy.

Now I can get in my athletic stance and do all the things I like to do. I really appreciate the quality care I received here from Dr. Crovetti and his excellent team.