Turk - Knee Replacement

Six months ago, I underwent knee replacement surgery at Dr. Crovetti’s Surgical Center. Prior to that, I was not able to run, I was not able to enjoy my family and I was not able to enjoy the quality of life I was looking forward to at 45 years old.

Since then, I’m able to run, hike and enjoy time spent with my kids. I am now able to do all the things that a 46 year old should be able to do.

I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Crovetti and his staff. The Surgical Center and facilities are wonderful and the recovery suites are over the top. During the few days I was here, I really received great care and the follow up care has been phenomenal!

I’m most impressed with the quick recovery. I did not expect to be at this phase in my life after only 6 months. I really enjoy my recovery and looking forward to when I am 100% fully recovered.